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Warhammer Age of Sigmar, How to run a club: Salvage and Donations

It's funny, but I never really considered Age of Sigmar for club activities. We have an awful lot of equipment for 40K, so it didn't seem like a good idea to try it.

However, I got a box of bits from a student last year. It was a box of old fantasy battle stuff, and on the surface it was mostly rubbish. Broken Skaven and Elves lay in a scattered mess among Magic the Gathering cards (the Russian versions), and it was littered with models with base and layer paints applied straight to plastic.

In short, nothing hugely valuable, particularly for a 40K minded teacher, who was (at the time) desperate for models to grab the attention of teenagers. It was different last year. I had to prove the club was viable, lest we lost funding and a slot in the after-school schedule.

At the time it was a big deal. It was the first donation, and I thanked the young neophyte profusely, although I thought it wasn't going to help much.

We recently got a set of trays (for free!) and a shelving unit (also for free!!) and I was spending my time clearing up club equipment (also for free :( ) and I came across the box again. Needing space, I decided to transfer everything to a bits box along with all the other chaff I suddenly acquired over Summer holidays.

As I was sorting, a few Elves caught my eye. They were still in good condition, so I kept them to one side. As I went through, discarding broken models, I noticed the number of elves grew and grew. Rather excited, I plugged some of the pieces together, and saw that they were all part of one larger kit, and one designed for push-fit at that!

At the end of it all, I had a full 10 elf regiment of Lothern Sea guard, 8 sword masters (including standard bearer and horn blower), a 5 man regiment of Ellyrian Reavers, and even a mage, which miraculously formed from a cloud of debris parts.

If this is sounding familiar to some of you, it should... there was a Starter box set a while back which had these exact elves, boxed along with Skaven and an Elf Prince on a griffon. Obviously those skaven had gone on to form the core of a larger army, with the Elves relegated to the bits box of this Russian collector. And now, nearly fully formed, the elves stood before me, square bases and all!

Sadly the Griffon is nowhere to be found, but I believe that this would be a reasonable End Boss regiment for the starter armies in the Age of Sigmar starter kit. As a product of this, I'm now going to invest a portion of the clubs funds into expanding into Age of Sigmar.

This is one of the joys of running a school's club. You get to spend time salvaging old bits and pieces, and occasionally you find treasure. And there is purpose to it... you're essentially collecting for a dozen other people. Whilst a single person could look through that motley collection of plastic and find nothing of value, a club manager would find opportunity and reward.

Or maybe I'm just tired after a literal 14-hour day. Time for this blogger to sleep. The message for today is this: Don't throw anything out, and take any and all donations. You'll never know what you can salvage from another veteran's trash.

Until next time...

Thanks for reading.

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