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World of Warships: Myogi Guide

I don't intend to do other games apart from 40K, but after slogging my way through this learning curve, I thought I'd help others through it. I'm a teacher after all!

Here's the ship in question:

In all her (slightly rusted) glory! And boy is she a pain in the backside to play.

For someone who mostly plays in Destroyers and light cruisers, a battleship can seem like a death sentence. The acceleration is terrible, the guns take forever to reload, you can't dive in and out of islands, and God-Emperor knows that torpedo spread will get you every damned time.

At least you have the big guns... except the Myogi's armament feels like you're shooting airsoft pellets pretty much anything. With a 30-second reload time in between them, you feel like you'll never sink that thice-damned cruiser pelting down your hit points.

And just forget about going toe-to-toe with other battleships.

Well, here's my guide for winning games. It may not work for you, but my winning streak is up to 10 matches, and the exp from those 10 matches has got me within striking distance of the carrier (the main reason why I play this boat).

First rule of Myogi: You are not an ace.

You're not going to pile into that wolf pack of cruisers and brawl everything down. You're not even going to snipe them from afar. With this ship you don't go cowboy; you are support. That's probably a good rule of thumb for any ship, but I've quite happily plunged head long into a battleship pack at the helm of alight cruiser, and come out on top.

But with the Myogi, make sure you're headed in the general direction of some friends. At the very least, you don't want to be focused by an entire team. You haven't got the armour for it.

Second rule of Myogi: Flank 'em

You're fast for a battleship. You won't appreciate this at first, but you are lightning quick down the straights. Pick a course around the side of the maps, making sure there aren't too many islands for destroyers to duck in and out of. Steam down the sides, picking off targets in the center with your long range guns.

Third rule of Myogi: Kite 'em

You have two sets of guns at the back, meaning the majority of your guns can be shot behind you as you run away. With your speed you'll notice that even cruisers will have trouble keeping up with you, and destroyers will have to launch torpedoes at your slim profile. With the angles they fire at, you'll have time to dodge them, even in a battleship.

Your most scary time will be passing a group of enemy ships on the broadside. Other battleships can out broadside you, and cruisers will harass you with torpedoes. Try and get any destroyers dealt with before you get to the middle of the field, but you'll just have to push forward and hope your defences hold.

Once you're past the main group, make a direct line towards the capture point or the back line carriers. Either the enemy will turn around to follow you, exposing them to your team mates, or they'll let you have your wicked way with the objectives.

If they do turn to follow you, it's your game from then on. Pepper them with your superior rear firepower. Lead them on a merry chase through their own deployment zone whilst your friends apply damage. You may not get the kill, but you'll be the reason it happened.

If you make it to the capture zone, don't stop! If it's safe to capture do so, but if you're being chased, it's time to lead the enemy to the other flank. Again, if the enemy keeps chasing you, you'll lead your team mates to the objective. The enemy ships following you will now be headed back into team mates on the other flank of the map, whilst you scare the crap out the enemy ships on that flank by coming at them from behind.

If they stop and turn around, they're out of the fight, having effectively wasted the first 5-10 minutes of a game by coming back to where they started. You can then go and attack that carrier which never thought a battleship could make it to the back lines.

And this the final rule of Myogi: Lead the way.

Line breaker and charge leader. If you can make it past the mid-field battleship groups, the day is yours. Many players are simply not prepared for a battleship screaming down the flanks. Show them the error of assumptions, and il-preparedness.

I hope that helps you play this ship, or at least have more fun with it. I recommend getting the engine upgrade first, but I'm certain more experienced players would say that's a bad idea. The problem is that I like Eldar, White Scars bikers and Speed Freak Orks... I couldn't resist putting more horsepower on my boat.

In fact...

That's better! Red wunz go fasta'!!

Thanks for reading.

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