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Dark Vengeance Librarian

This is a model from way back when I got the school's first bit of communal kit. It's the Librarian from the Dark Vengeance starter box set, and was actually a bit of a rescue job. A well meaning student lathered the whole thing in thick white paint, and it took some time to peel (yes... peel) it all off to start again.

Librarian, force choking some traitor marines.

There are some bits of this I like. The glowing hand and the dark skinned face came out well. There are other bits I hate... such as the flashing left on the leg!

Librarian pose in front of burning gate scenery

All this was painted with just the standard set of paints you can get in the hobby box paint. There's only one additional colour, as I used Lothern Blue for the cloak inlay. Everything else was a case of mixing paints.

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

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