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Warhammer Scenario: Pokemon Stadium

Paid post is up on Patreon, and it's a scenario of epic silliness!

Sometimes you don't want to have narrative campaigns. Sometimes you don't want to worry about objectives. Sometimes you don't want to watch your beautifully painted, 6-month-painting-project deathstar unit get deployed badly and end up spending the game only featuring in the movement phase.

Enter this little bit of silly fun!

This scenario attempts to emulate a pokemon battle, where you call individual units to the game, and tactically call them back. Game runs until all units feint... er, I mean are wiped out.

Although I've created it for 40K, it's a scenario that can easily be used by Age of Sigmar players. The only thing you'll need to read up on is the Deep Strike scatter rule from 40K, but otherwise deployment and combat are the same as your usual gaming system.

 Warhammer 40k
(sang to the tune of "Pokemon")
I wanna be the very best,
And beat opponents into pus.
To paint them is my real test,
To play them is my cause.
I will travel across the land,
Gaming far and wide.
Teach others to understand,
The power of strength D! 
Oh it's you and me,
No, really it's not rp!
Oh the demo cannon's my best friend,
Its strength's a whopping 10!
Oh so true!
AP 1 beats on you!
You beat me and I'll kill you!
Gotta crush em all!

Thanks to Sanguine Angel  for that little bit of awesome!


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