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Painting Eldar: Brushido Painting Competition

This year I've decided to get into more external competitions, and I'm starting with the local Games Workshop Brushido competition.

The rules are simple for this one, and I'll just repost the Facebook page:

Its the new year, and so we all should have had some cool hobby related gifts, or we have some in the pipeline to pick up, so this is the opportunity to get painting them! It's open to to scenery, characters, tanks, monsters, you name it; as long as it was bought from GW Guildford in the past month. Get your brushes ready!

This particular competition is based on the painting and basing of anything bought or received from Christmas or in the month of January.

It MUST be bought wholly from GW Guildford within the months of December or January.

Judging day is on the 29th January 2017 at 2pm at Games Workshop Guildford.

You MUST sign up in store by no later than the 28th.

There will be two age categories:
Neophyte's: 16 and under.
Stormcast: 17 and older.

Winner's receive a certificate announcing their superiority over all those about them, and the right to flaunt their winning miniatures in our display cabinets in store until the next painting competition.

I've entered for a few reasons, but the two most important are to give myself a project, and to inspire my students.

I probably don't have to explain the project part, but a little external motivation is needed for us to get out of our comfort zones and push ourselves a bit. I'm hoping to up my painting game with this competition, or at least get myself to go that extra mile and learn a new technique or two.

I'm a teacher, and most of what I do revolves around the club at this point. Hopefully seeing their teacher working on this competition will show the students I work with that there is a wider community of tabletoppers out there. Getting them to explore things outside of school (with the fancy name of 'tangential learning') is what clubs and societies should be about.

Anyway, my chosen model is this:

The Eldar War Walker. No reason other than I've always wanted one. It's also tall and has long legs... hoping to attract the judges attention with that little bit of titillation!

I'll be keeping regular updates on this blog regarding the progress of the model. Stay tuned for the exciting undercoating stage!

Thanks for reading.

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