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No new dinosaur

So with this reveal today, we can put to bed the vague notion that this picture:

... in any way indicated a possible Eldar Exodite model. Ah well. It's a good miniature, but I have to question Games Workshop in their choice of continuing to put out models for the Stormcast Eternals when they still only have a few new armies to lead the way in Age of Sigmar.

Just a minor criticism, but I've been holding back on really getting into AoS because I haven't been sure what's going to be available in the future. I don't see much point in buying up aelves or duardin if the possibility of them being redundant is still hovering around.

I'm probably over-thinking that. 15 hour day both in front of students and then pressing the flesh at parents evening. Not thinking straight. Paid post tomorrow!

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