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How to run a club: Great rules from Age of Sigmar

It's been a while since I've had a chance to talk about the school club, and what goes on in it. School has (finally) settled down after mock exams and Christmas holidays, and despite a few Physics trips I've actually managed to get back to routine.

It won't last. Half term is around the corner, and then actual exam panic for the Year 11s will set in.

But for now everything is running normally, which means rampaging kids and their Space Wolves. What is clear though, is the immense disparity between students' toy soldier budgets. Whereas one boy is happily putting together 'club miniatures' funded by the school (well, actually me... Patreon link below), one boy has had parents drop around £300 on him over Christmas.

What is happening with him is known as the Wallet Warrior, where he will simply buy the best stuff, or in this case, the most stuff to get an advantage over his buddies. Although in 40K the points system should be good enough to keep things fair, it's somewhat unsatisfying here.

I kind of want him to use all his stuff. It's a terrible shame when you buy something and never have a chance to use it. I know that very well, having sat on miniatures armies for years in foreign countries with no one even able to read the rules around me.

Age of Sigmar has a nifty solution for this:

These rules are really easily ported to 40K. Instead of having them kick in on army size, I've based it off of points values. If an army is 75% or less points than it's opponent, it can choose one of the above options.

I thought it would lead to some fairly gamey solutions, but instead the student neophytes have been using it to craft stories. What was once becoming a bit of a social issue, with the Wallet Warrior increasingly becoming the groups That Guy, has now become a tool for constructing narratives.

Which is what it was intended for...

See? Games Workshop are quite clever really!

I've been on an Age of Sigmar kick for the past few days, looking up a new project, and I'm studying the General's Handbook. It's really, really good. I know a lot of people want to knock Age of Sigmar for not being Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and I'll admit the setting doesn't really work for me, but the rules behind it are great for actual fun game play.

I'm in the process of revising the Path to Glory bits for 40K, and it's not taking a huge amount of work to do. I also have a few more students who have bought the Age of Sigmar box set. My next project may very well be Age of Sigmar related.

The only problem is getting my head around the setting. It's just a little bit too vague

Thanks for reading.

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