More Teacher than Table Top

A few times a week I'm reminded of just how much a hobby this is, as opposed to a lifetime pursuit. Today is a particularly stinging example of where gaming is on my priority list.

It's Sunday. This, for most, is a day of rest and relaxation after a strenuous day at the coal face of whatever 9-5 job you have. I was supposed to be at a special birthday game, a one-off Dungeons and Dragons session for a friend of mine. I had a character rolled up weeks ago (a Seraphon inspired War Cleric), and was really looking forward to my first game in nearly months.

I am currently at work.

It's an exeat weekend at my boarding school, which means we kick the students out for the weekend to give the various house staff a break. Think about that for a second. When your job is running a boarding house for students, you literally do not get time off until term is done.

However, we have a couple of students who are coming back from a football tournament early, and thus need someone in the house to make sure they don't burn down the place. House staff are quite rightly (and legally required to) taking time off. Which means someone needs to fill in for a bit.

And unfortunately I'm a slower runner than the other teachers.

So, game is going ahead without me now. It's just a rather sharp reminder that, although I'd like to spend all my time rolling dice and painting miniatures, I'm a teacher first, and a daddy and husband before that.

I'm fairly certain when most people think about it, plastic soldiers are quite low on the priority list.

That's all really. No point to this post other than to point out this little observation. Normal service resumes tomorrow.

Also painting competition results!

Until next time!

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  1. There will be other games... we didn't kill the new DM although he almost killed me...


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