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Gathering Storm 2: Eldar Symbology 2

Oh my... did I pick a good time to start Eldar!

So we have our answer to the following question of what this Eldar symbol means:

Now, as some people had guessed already, we know it's the symbol of Ynnead, the Eldar God of the Dead. The story of how to create Ynnead is one that will have to be told, and the best place to start is the Death Masque box set fluff.

After looking at the new Avatar of Ynnead model, I went to look at the traditional Avatar of Khaine. The tick at the bottom is right there, so we can probably now label that as the deity/avatar tick. The whole rune is actually rather reminiscent of the one on the tabard below, so I wonder if that would just be the rune for avatars in general. We may never know, unless an Avatar of Isha/Kurnous/Vaul is released.

From Games Workshop
The new models are amazing! There's only one I'm not too keen on, but it's a stylistic dislike rather than a question of quality. Starting with the one  don't like (with all images pulled from Warhammer Community):

Yvraine, Emmissary of Ynnead. I like the cat, but not too fond of the dress, and head dress. Just a personal preference though, and I can see this lady striding through battlefields doing nasty things to people in displays of sheer power.

Speaking of sheer power:

The Yncarne, Avatar of Ynnead. The design is truly incredible, mixing some of the swirling ghost patterns of the Age of Sigmar Undead line with Eldar symmetry and figure hugging armour plating. I love it! And I can't wait to see if the somewhat Slaaneshi tone of the head and pose is going to be a plot point.

And now my favourite...
 I'll take 5!

Oh my new Aeldari death-god do I love this model! It's like everything I've imagined to Ancient Eldar to be, merging styles from the Dark Eldar, Harlequins and Craftworlders into one piece of concentrated awesomeness! The Incubi backback looks great! The armour panels look great! The helmet is an excellent fusion of harsh Dark Eldar angles, soft lines from soul stones and even the harlequin's mask!

I can't wait for this release!

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