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Warhammer Scenario: Raid the Camp

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This is a very brutal, and bloody scenario, that favours melee heavy lists. That's not to say ranged armies can't do well in it, but it removes the kiting distance that shooting units tend to need.

It's a tight map, and is better for smaller lists. However, it can lead to awful blood bath of a battle when used with larger armies!

Here's a short clip from the Scenario:

Scenario:This is it.
You've scouted the enemy out. You've snuck past their defences. And now, you and your men are ready to hit them where them where they live.
Even as you slink your way closer to the camp, your infiltrators are listening at their tents and barrack buildings, just waiting for the signal to knife them in their sleep.
Your Scouts are already itching to get ahead, some of the more zealous ones all but on top of the perimeter. You have reserves waiting to fall from the sky.
A decapitation strike. All going according to plan.
Then a shout!
Shots fired... your own men or the enemy, it didn't matter. You can see troops boiling out of the buildings, tugging on clothes and slamming weapons into working order.
Maybe it won't be so clean... but one way of the other, the enemy won't last the day.
Back to marking some mock exams. Until next time!

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