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Warhammer 40K Scenario: Turkey Shoot

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It's another solo scenario, that I personally use to test how durable my army is, whilst still seeing if it's speed can make up for it.

Here's a little taste of the scenario:

A variation on the first one, this is to help students understand the run rules, and defensive tactics in Warhammer 40K. It's flexible to other game systems, but those tweaks will rely on your own knowledge of the defensive rules.
The idea is that the players army is continually under fire, forcing you to make use of cover and run moves to get your army out alive. It's a neat little scenario to let you know how good your army is at absorbing firepower, whilst still balancing against the speed of your army in avoiding it.
All is quiet on your patrol. You lead your small group of soldiers through enemy territory, but perhaps not as stealthily as you should have done. Your orders are simple: engage what you can, but retreat if enemy forces are too strong.
So far nothing has happened, and you're actually on your way back to base. Although you were apprehensive at first, it looks as though your earlier blundering through the wilderness didn't alert the enemy.
At least until your forward scout fell in front of you riddled with bullets...
Explosions and shrapnel fly around you, and the sudden percussion of small arms starts deafening your ears.
It's an ambush!
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