Marketing: Getting it wrong

I write this somewhat tentatively, as I don't want to really scare the Games Workshop marketing team away from continuing their Rumour Engine program.

But the latest picture, in my opinion, is a bit rubbish in terms of speculation hype.

This is why: it's a pistol.

You can generally assume in the grim dark future of the 41st Millennium that most people have one of these. They're not exactly rare, and there's just one character really famous for using them, Cypher, the possibly-Fallen Dark Angel  RENEGADE SPACE MARINE COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO ANY OF THE UNFORGIVEN, AND WHO PROBABLY DOESN'T EXIST ANYWAY.

Even Cypher RENEGADE WHO DOES NOT EXIST can't be a good candidate for this piece, as he'd generally be holding the pistol.

What's worse is that this is clearly not even meant to be an integral part of the model. It's a whole holstered pistol. We only ever see that as optional extras, or accessories to put on other models. They usually don't even have rules to make adding it worthwhile.

So... should we be excited by this? It's a pistol, in a game where even a grot has a pistol. It's barely even distinctive, still being unpainted grey plastic. With no colours, or unique markings to go on, it can easily apply to pretty much any army out there.

I'm scratching my head on what to make of this.

So... yay? A model out there will have a pistol accessory it can use? And it's belt fed... because there's a universal standard rule attached to belt fed weapons, right? No? Oh...

Not quite content with only having this to go on, I checked the html of the site itself, and spent far too long looking through the lines code for any little Easter eggs that would make this worth it. Nothing.

Rather than getting hyped, I am now confused and somewhat disinterested. A misstep GW Marketing. A very strange mistake.

Here's hoping I'm amazingly wrong.

Thanks for reading.

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