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Fall of Cadia: Templar Sisters Formation

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Well, we've had a semi-reliable bit of information regarding Fall of Cadia. I feel confident on sharing it with you.

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Receive information from the next pre - order Games Workshop will launch soon: all hope Fall of Cadia , the first book of the collection Gathering Storm . It is a hardcover book of 136 pages in Castilian with a narrative campaign . It has a price of 40 €. Presents the Triumvirate of the Imperium - Celestine the Living Saint, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl and Katarinya Greyfax the Ordo Inquisitor Hereticus. This book tells the story of how Abaddon the Despoiler deals a severe blow to the Empire with his attack on the planet Cadia . The book contains:
Complete rules for the Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and Celestine.  
Triumvirate Imperium - training to use these three characters together in one game. 
Six new Relics for Ecclesiarchy and six Mechanicum Arcana objects, which can be used by the forces of the Adept Sororitas and Cults Mechanicum. 
Training for The Grand Convocation and Imperial Crusade - combines the Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii and the Imperial Knights in an army. The other combines the Black Templars and Adepta Sororitas . 
Battlezone: Empyric Storms - rules for the effects of the thunder storms that lash Cadia.  
Four new missions. 
Apologies for the weird English. It's Google translated from Spanish, and as gifted as I am at Far East Asian languages, I'm very rusty on those that people speak closer to home.

The bit I want to talk about is the Formations part (translated as Training). The Sisters of Battle and the Black Templars are likely to get their own detachment, known as The Imperial Crusade.

The reason I want to talk about this, is that it's pure fluff over crunch.

Before anyone jumps at me for that statement, putting a good balance between fluff and crunch is what we pay these game developers for. Anyone can say Orks have an Imperial Knight because they stole it, but it takes a professional game dev to sit there crunching numbers to get the right balance there.

The problem for the Imperial Crusade is that there's not an awful lot of synergy between the Siststers and Black Templars.

The Sisters of Battle are black power armoured bolter wielding fanatics, with an invulnerable save and a thing for burning people. Their faith in the Emperor gives them some special tricks they can do.

The Black Templars are black powered armoured bolter wielding fanatics, who know no fear and have a thing for chopping people up. Their faith in the Emperor gives them rage when their brothers start dying, and the ability to deny psychic powers a little better.

They're thematically similar, so it's understandable why Games Workshop have given them a linked detachment.

But I don't think they compliment each other well enough to be particularly strong. They're basically the same thing, with some slightly different points costs. The Sisters are ever so slightly cheaper with some better shooting, and the Templars better at chopping things up for a slight point increase.

Where they may compliment each other is in the support options they have. The Templars bring some of the wonderful Space Marine vehicles to the fray, in particular their own Land Raider Crusader and drop pods. The Sisters bring their special characters, with their buffs such as the priests and Saint Celestine.

The problem lies in how these two armies will be brought together. If their overall formation actually allows them to share their buffs and support options, then you will have a highly competitive force. Imagine if the Black Templar Chapter tactic (Rage and Counter Attack after taking wounds in a unit) triggered when the Battle Sisters were wounded. Opponents would be terrified of targeting the squishier Sisters for fear of enraging their bigger brothers! On the flip side, Imagine all those black Templars receiving the Sisters Acts of Faith.

So it can work, but I doubt the formation would give as nice bonuses as the ones I've mentioned. We'll see how it goes. I think this is mostly going to be a transition formation, to encourage Space Marine players to pick up some Sisters of Battle kits.

Finally one more question: Who is that red armoured Dark Eldar looking fellow casually hanging out with Black Templars?! If it is a xenos, they must have reproductive bits of pure adamantium to be standing there!

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