BREAKING NEWS: Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, Black Templars Stratagems and Chapter Tactics!

Crazy long title... I think this would have been better as two reveals on Warhammer Community, if only to spare my poor typing hands.

Okay, let's get this ball rolling on the collective Sons of Dorn!

Imperial Fists First up the chapter tactic. As for the Salamanders and Iron Hands, I'll just copy and paste from the previous post:

Imperial Fists, Siege Masters
No bonuses for cover saves against IMPERIAL FISTS modelsRe-roll failed To-Wound rolls against buildings
Somewhat situational I feel, but definitely useful for shooting up Infantry in cover and during night fighting. I don't think this is a terribly attractive Chapter Tactic compared to the rest though... perhaps it's made up for with a strong Stratagem to be revealed later? Undoubtedly universal for every unit that can have it. Like the Iron Hands it's not hugely exciting, which is why I think a lot of people will tend to gloss over it. However, consider that a lot of psychic powers out there will be giving bon…

8th Edition Ultramarine's Chapter Tactics Explained

Ugh. I feel like Matt Ward is back writing rules for the Ultramarines. Their chapter tactics are revealed, and they are very strong indeed.

Wit the advent of stratagems the old re-roll rules of 7th Edition are somewhat redundant. Not that having army-wide re-rolling misses wouldn't still be useful for a turn, it's just that there is less variety for the average Ultramarine player to use. So they needed a change for the new edition, the Ultramarines being the flagship chapter of Games Workshop.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend about the Ravenguard and the White Scars. I've made it no secret that the White Scars are my favourite founding chapter (they get the betrayal narrative of the Dark Angels with a very sensible non-homeworld destroying response to it, they are clearly loyalist without being space dogs about it, rock the barbarous look whilst still being into poetry, and were actually at the siege of Terra... and that's just the start!). However, my friend really likes the Ravenguard.

And he was annoyed that White Scars got Hit and Run in the old edition, whereas Ravenguard didn't. His argument was that the Ravenguard were battle savvy enough to hit and fade as the tactical situation dictated, and in later formations they had a rule that did that in response to getting shot at. Unlike the Ultramarines and Imperial Fists, Ravenguard strike from the shadows, and don't subscribe to the "No-backward-step" philosophy of the more traditional chapters.

White Scars exemplified this philosophy, but in a more reactive manner. They hammer the enemies weak points, run when resistance gets too strong only to strike at the newly formed weak point. Imagine a rolling mass of barbarian horse archers picking apart a Roman battle line, only these horse archers are more than happy to flatten the heavy infantry with their petrol powered 2-wheeled horses.

They close combat with their bikes wheels, is what I'm saying.

Because of this chapter philosophy, they got Hit and Run as an old 7th Edition Uiversal Standard Rule. This was immensely powerful, as it meant no one got bogged down in combat, and even dreadnoughts could dance around the battlefield. Which meant it was no ones surprise that White Scars became a favoured chapter in 7th Edition.

So guess what the Ultramarines have now.

8th edition ultramarines chapter tactics
No retreat! Strength and honour!
So now Ultramrines are defined by their ability to run away from the enemy. I'm fairly certain Robuote Guilliman looked down on Jaghatai Khan for using the same tactics...

Whilst it would be easy to say they're giving the Ultramarines this to simply make them more attractive as a Chapter, this is all part of the subtle change of the Ultramarines character.

Previously the Ultramarines and Guilliman were all about discipline and order. Their strict adherence to the Codex Astartes was their defining character, and many followed that to the logical conclusion of, well... something.

It wasn't inflexibility in approach. The Codex is written with flexibility in mind, hence the change from Legion squads to tactical squads. But it was perhaps something like stagnation, or a lack of creativity. This is why the Tyranids did such damage to the Ultramarines, a there was nothing in the Codex for dealing with them.

They were not Imperial Fists about standing their ground, but perhaps meant them standing and fighting when a White Scar would have have legged it a long while back.

What we see now is a push towards making the Ultramarines less blind in their following of the Codex, and more towards what many Ultramarine players have said was the original intention of the Code Astartes... a solid guideline to follow, but only as it suits the situation at hand.

I'm probably reading too much into giving the Ultramarines a version of Hit and Run, but I'm trying to find a fluffy justification for what the Rules Guys have done. I'm also a little worried about what the White Scars will get now.

But Codex Space Marines will drop soon, so I won't have to wait for very long.

Until next time!

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