The best end of year gift for a teacher: Battlefield Terrain

Simply the best end of term gift I've ever received, and that includes the bottle of champagne so expensive I had to declare it for tax purposes.

As I was packing up my classroom after a hard day of getting students to learn about projectile motion (we played with water bottle rockets), two students of mine walked in carrying this thing between them:

warhammer 40k terrain
It's a battlefield!!

Okay, it's made of cardboard and newspaper, and the glue is still drying, but how many teachers can claim to have gotten a hand made battlefield terrain set from their students! Here's some close ups:

warhammer 40k terrain
Looking down on those corpse-worshippers

warhammer 40k terrain
Looking up from the dreadnought bunker

warhammr 40k terrain
Eagle eye view of combatants

warhammer 40k terrain
View of the Traitor's Gate
Teacher pay is not great, no matter where you work. There's certainly no bonus pay for good years or good results.

But you do get gems like this, which I don't think other professions do.

Good to be a teacher sometimes.

Okay, back to work. I'm on duty in the house, and won't finish until 10.30pm.

Until next time.

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