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The Fate of Konor: Mu'gulath's Revenge!

With the Fate of Konor campaign kicking off today, I'm embarking on a new project, which should run alongside the campaign. I'm aiming to have a 1000 point army done by the time the campaign ends.

My T'au army is currently being reforged as the survivors of Mu'gulath Bay. Right now there are only suits and drones in the army:

t'au tau fate of konor mugulath mu'gulath bay army
Really need to adjust the background for this

I'm also not too happy about the overall colour scheme. So I will be starting from scratch. The theme is blue... as all I have to go on is this picture:

t'au tau fate of konor mugulath mu'gulath bay army

Whilst clearly an Ultramarines blue, I'm going to alter it a bit to a Thousand Sons blue. I also want to get some infantry going, so I'll begetting some Firewarriors. I'm usually opposed to putting foot soldiers into the field if a battle suit is available, but I think the survivors of Mu'gulath Bay would be willing to risk everything to get some revenge.

For those who don't know, at the end of Warzone Damocles, the T'au campaign focused in and around the Damocles Gulf centered on Mu'gulath Bay (or Agrellan to your Imperials), the Imperial command was beaten back by a combination of stiff T'au resistance and Commander Farsight dropping in to save everyone.

Whilst the Imperium managed to strike severe blows, killing key Ethereals with assassins and even wounding Farsight himself, they retreated from the planet. And when the Imperium retreats from a planet they only do one thing: Exterminatus.

Not only that, but the Adeptus Mechanicus set off some arcane missiles which set the entire Damocles Gulf on fire! This made travel through that area of space very difficult, and may have contributed to the Great Rift spreading across the Eastern fringe of the galaxy.

So you can see the T'au survivors of Mu'gulath Bay (somehow protected by Earth caste shields) would have every reason to land on Konor, and start shooting Space Marines.

But enough of that. Let's get today rolling! Off to the shop for my marching orders and to get the models!

Until next time... I mean later today!

Thanks for reading.

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