Chapter Tactics for Lesser Known Chapters

The chapter tactic reveal over at Warhammer Community yesterday gave a little context for giving us the other chapter tactics (which I'm sure had nothing to do with the leak over on Bolter and Chainsword!).

Sarah, the writer, talked about potential Chapter Tactics for some of the other Chapters out there, and what you could use for Your Dudes. For those who don't know, the concept of Your Dudes is the whole reason why Warhammer is great in the first place. Even though the fluff is great for established canon, you are encouraged from day 1 to put your own spin on it.

Yes, you may be fielding Dark Angels, but yours is the under-dog 5th Company led by your own Captain Moody McPlasmaPistol. You may even have your own successor Chapter called the Not-Cyphers, who specialise in dual-wielding pistols. Either way, you're going to put your own ideas on it... just as I have done with my Space Marine Field Police.

What the Sarah's post does is suggest some Tactics for other known chapters, so you can be inspired to make your own.

warhammer 40K 8th edition chapter tactics blood ravens
Blood Ravens
The Blood Magpies above... oh sorry, Blood Ravens, were a chapter created for Dawn of War. Their development history is long and convoluted, and is basically the product of someone ramming together the Blood Angels and Raven Guard. Since then, they have blossomed into quite a cool unique chapter.

They search for knowledge (and steal any relic they can get their hands on), have a huge number of Librarians, and are masters of Defensive Deep Strikes. Some even hint at them being successors to the Thousand Sons!

The chapter tactic suggested to the players is to use the imperial Fist tactic, ignoring cover when shooting at enemies. That's actually a good choice, and reflects the psychic direction the commanders are giving their troops when firing.

warhammer 40K 8th edition chapter tactics fire lords
The Fire Lords
Somewhat of a stretch to find lore on these guys, they first turned up in fluff during the Badab war. They're Imperial Fists successors, but love to burn things. They combine the two doctrines of Salamanders and Fists by specialising in planetary assault whilst incinerating everything in sight when they hit the ground!

So whilst you may think they're a Imp Fist chapter, and thus should use their Chapter tactics, Sarah has chosen Salamanders. I mentioned yesterday that the Salamanders were now the best special weapon wielding chapter, and the Fire Lords would certainly benefit from re-rolling their To-Hit rolls on melta guns.

warhammer 40K 8th edition chapter tactics black dragons
Black Dragons
The Black Dragons were a Cursed Founding chapter, with the strange gene-seed mutation that gives them bony spikes that grow out of their arms. Think Space Marine Dragon Wolverine, and you can see why these guys are way too bizarre to be main-stream.

And yes, Sarah's suggestion of the Black Templar tactic allowing them to re-roll charges will fit that character entirely... despite them being successors of the traditionally slow and steady Salamanders.

warhammer 40K 8th edition chapter tactics exorcists
The Exorcists
Which brings us to the Exorcists. These guys are the craziest ones on the list. Think about that for a second. The craziest in a group that has dragon-wolverines, orbital dropping pyromaniacs, and Chaos Marine successors.

The Exorcists have daemonic possession as part of their training process. A neaophyte is expected to be possessed by a daemon, and get rid of him through their own force of will before they are fully inducted as an Initiate.

See? Crazy.

Sarah has gone for the Iron Hands chapter tactic here, to represent their almost unnatural toughness in passing through the ridiculous induction process. However, the Exorcists never really had a Chapter Tactic to begin with.

In the older editions, they would send a representative out to go and learn tactics from other chapters. The way this was represented in crunch was the army deciding on Chapter tactics at the start of a battle, as opposed to being built around it.

In 7th, this meant that you could use any tactic, but you probably wouldn't be using the most of it without the required units. You got the benefit of the Raven Guard Shrouding rules, but not their jump pack rules. In 8th, the tactics are a lot more flexible, being useful to nearly every unit on the field.

But you can see how using tactics can tailor Your Dudes to be how you imagined them. So get out there, and make your own chapter!

But before you go, drop me a message in the comments, to find out what the Chapter Tactics should be for these guys:

8th edition space marine chapter tactics field police
Space Marine Field Police

Until next time!

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