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New Primaris Space Marine Rumours

I'm addressing this now, but really as part of a larger criticism of table top gaming reporting.

Right now we have the following evidence for new Primaris Space Marine models:

Taken from Faeit212 but not hard to find on Games Workshop's webstore
And that's it.

Really, that's all we have.

No, that forum post which swears it's reliable isn't good evidence. No, that Youtube video of the person who wants you to trust that they have seen the models isn't good evidence either.

This is all we have.

The issue is that it's a relatively easy prophecy to sell. There will undoubtedly be such models later on. It's from Warhammer 40K's flagship faction, and these are models that have been in the line up for the better part of two, if not three decades. They will come out, and as long as the model descriptions are vaguely Space Marine like, they will be judged as being accurate.

And then someone will give the rumour mongers more credit than they're due, and trust them in the future.

And of course, I don't need to explain why someone would fabricate such a rumour. You all know, as internet savvy individuals, the lengths people will go to drive traffic to their site. And yes, the irony of my click bait title doesn't escape me. But hopefully you'll forgive it as a bid to get your attention of real content.

I will be very upfront. I eagerly scan the various news feeds and rumour sites for scraps of new information, as posts with the new release data will always outstrip other hobby pieces. Right now my most viewed post is the 40K 8th edition rules leak. Clearly these are popular things to search for online.

However, I make it a point to not spread non-concrete rumours. In the past I have been fooled by outright lies reported as fact, and have gone on to comment about it. I certainly don't report such ephemeral whispers as fact myself, and I don't even like to speculate with the preface of taking things with salt.

Some news outlets are not as scrupulous.

It would be different if people were to follow these claims up, and test the veracity of whatever statement was made. Fact checking is an important part of professional journalism. Not so with the majority of our table top news sites. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that most of these articles are copy/paste jobs, with maybe some summation or comment made. The total work hours gone into it would probably be about 30 minutes.

These are not professional journalists. And these are not professional news sites.

I certainly am not either, but I think I've been fairly clear that this a purely secondary endeavour to my main focus of teaching Physics.For me a 30 minute article written at the end of the day is all I can manage... and then I go on to my third job creating art materials for a friends import company.

My subtle way of saying I have three jobs.

I don't want you to view this particular article as some kind of attack on the more established hobby sites. I just wanted to remind you of something your probably already knew...

So next time you see a post titled New Primaris Space Marines Spotted on one of these sites... maybe give it a miss. And if I could make a somewhat selfish statement, if there is really anything there, I'll let you know. I won't waste your time for ad revenue.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.

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