BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition Ravenguard Chapter Tactics Revealed!

Monday's here, and the Ravenguard are sneaking up to be the first Chapter Tactic revealed!

space marines ravenguard chapter tactics
Damn... those Reivers look good in black
It'sprobably just my imagination, but those Reivers appar to have some extra bit of gear strapped to their backs. Getting on to the rules:

space marines ravenguard chapter tactics
-1 To Hit rolls if they are more than 12-inches away
So they're not the universal Scout or Infiltrate that some were perhaps hoping for, but far, far better than the first turn Shrouded from the old edition. However... you'll see later that GW has you covered as far as Scout is concerned.

This greatly supports a gunline army, and turns those Primaris Marines into snipers! Sort of. Whilst their 30-inch weapons allow them to rapid fire from their safe(er) distance, the enemy will just walk into it later... unless they decide to stay where they are. Devastators with lascanons certainly do the sniper job well!

They've lost a bit of the assault squad specialism with this, but the rule above will help them get into combat taking less causalities on the way there. Jump pack troops can hover outside the 12-inch danger bubble around the enemy, then leap in to range and assault.

Thematically, this is really good. Ravenguard are all about striking at the perfect time, and sneaking into the good killing blow positions. This Chapter tactic allows them to do that.

But that's not all!

The Ravenguard have a unique stratagem, Strike From the Shadows, allows you to spend Command Points to Infiltrate units anywhere beyond 9-inches from the enemy! Alongside potential Grav-chute deep-strike rules for the Reivers and Jump Pack Assault for your assault marines, you have an army with a well dug in firing line and really strong board control.

One more thing!

Chapter master Murder Wings comes back in this edition, with this direct quote from Warhammer Community:

If you want to make your own Raven Guard characters, their unique Warlord Trait, Silent Stalker, prevents enemies from firing Overwatch, while the Raven’s Fury Chapter relic allows a jump pack character to move at blistering speeds and reroll charge ranges – combined, you’ll have a potent and deadly character assassin.

Frankly, this is everything Ravenguard players have been dreaming of. Whilst the loss of Hammer of Wrath and re-rolling those to-wounds has somewhat muted the impact of their assaut squads, the new combination of chapter tactics and stratagems has made the Ravenguard finally reflect their fluff.

You have your stealthy, tactical and flexible Space marines, and rules that make even Raptors players proud. If this is the start for the Ravenguard, I can't wait to see what the rest of the Chapters have!

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