BREAKING NEWS: 8th Edition White Scars Chapter Tactics Revealed!

I'm so excited I can barely type! White Scars Chapter tactics are up on Warhammer Community right now! Let's take a look!!

space marines white scars chapter tactics 8th edition
Everyone mounted on bikes... as Khan intended!
There's not much new in terms of model reveals to look at here, but look at all those bikers! If there's any chapter out there that will be using the Outrider formation, it's these guys.

But on to the rules:

space marines white scars chapter tactics 8th edition
Extra advance speed, and charging after Falling back!
Yes! We've kept a version of Hit and Run, meaning that White Scar tradition is upheld. The uses of this are obvious, either striking first in melee on your turn, or bleeding command points from your enemy as he tries to keep up with your units.

The extra Advance speed may not seem so useful, but remember that assault weapons can be fired after Advancing at a -1 To Hit. Whilst that gives you the extra push you may need to get into half-melta range to put some serious damage on a target, it's also severely punishing for your flamer armed units, who don't need to roll to hit anyway!

However... it does mean you will see a fundamental shift in White Scars on the table. Here's why... units with FLY benefit the most from these changes.

Whilst any unit can now Fall Back and charge again, FLYing units can Fall Back, shoot, and charge too. That's really, really good, giving you a better version of 7th Edition Hit and Run since you don't need to roll for it.

Which means the best units for White Scars are Assault Marines and Inceptors.

Not bikes.


You could feel every White Scar player out there wince over that, and feel the Black Rage boiling off the Blood Angels players.

Not only can the White Scars use their Chapter Tactic to Hit and Run and strike first in combat most of the time, Kor'sarro Khan also gives them higher strength when they charge.

space marines white scars chapter tactics 8th edition
A beast of a character hunter too
That literally makes them better versions of Blood Angels! Well minus the extra flamers and meltaguns.

space marines white scars chapter tactics 8th edition
Oh... does that just apply to Blood Angels?

The White Scars also have a new Stratagem, which allows their units to Advance, Shoot, and Charge in the same turn. That's a particularly nasty alpha strike, making Turn 1 Charges a real possibility, even if they start from the back line. I'm not sure if you need to Spend Command points to make this work, but combined with Jump Pack Assault and any other Infiltration shenanigans, you can have total board control on the first turn.

Which would be interesting against Ravenguard, as you both try to out-do each other in getting your units on objectives first.

The Warlord trait mentioned on Warhammer community is dealing Mortal Wounds on the charge, which sounds fairly painful and useful for any beat stick general.

Mantle of the Stormseer is a unique, relic and a nod towards the White Scars' psyker tradition. A quote from Warhammer Community:

 Mantle of the Stormseer makes it easier for White Scars psykers to cast Smite and unleash the power of the storm.

Which could mean anything really. I'd like to think this means the White Scars were uniquely capable of the Psyker gunboat strategy I enjoy with my Thousand Sons Three Musketeers, but there's not enough information here to say that yet.

Overall, really strong rules for these guys, but ones that have turned them into a far more melee army than the previous edition. The rules suit their fluff well as a mobile and probing force, but I can't help but think there's been a distinct move from bikes.

Well, unless there are Primaris Jet Bikes in the works, with FLY keywords. 

space marines white scars chapter tactics 8th edition
Huh... new anti-grav tech
I think if that happened my head explode.

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