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BREAKING NEWS: Codex Space Marine up for Pre-order! All versions reviewed!

Codex Space Marine goes live today for pre-orders, along with a slew of other releases... I'm going to be quite busy this evening I think. Lets get started!

8th edition codex space marine preorder pre order review
Warhammer Community listed this as two images... I wonder if they're fed up of me using their images?
 As you can see, we're blessed with 6 ways to get this.

Digital Editions

Being an old neckbeard, I prefer having paper to flick through and for my son to tear when I'm not looking. However, being a teacher, I can't stress how useful these digital books are for quick checking of rules and keeping the classroom tidy.

  • eBook Edtion: No frills, just the book in digital form. At £24.99 it's cheaper than the paper copy, but if you're going the digital route, you really want the next one down.
  • Enhanced Edition: Sadly still only for Mac users and the iBooks platform, this has a lot more functionality. Whilst some are a bit superfluous, the pop-up information boxes are really great for keeping the pace of a game going, as you don't need to keep flicking back and forth between rules. At £29.99, this is what you want if you're not going for the print version.
  • Enhanced Collectors Edition: As above, but with some more fluff and behind-the-scenes information. At £39.99, it's not bad if you value information above physical objects, but I think the kind of person who wants a collectors book wouldn't be getting the digital version. Comes with a short story, and some designers notes.

Print Editions

  • Hard back book: Don't pretend you won't be getting this for your library. The next £30 book on your 8th Edition shelf. Looks pretty for your coffee table too!

8th edition codex space marine preorder pre order review
As ever, the cover art is awesome!

  • Collector's Edition: Web store exclusive. You get more fluff and art work. The front cover is also more moody. It's a better quality book, with that nifty ribbon the 8th Edition rule book came with. It's a bit pricey at £50, but can you really put a price on showing the length of your neck beard?

8th edition codex space marine preorder pre order collectors edition review
I think I like the normal cover better though

Primaris Edition

8th edition codex space marine preorder pre order primaris edition review
Loadsa art

This costs £150. Wow. It depends on how much your hobby is worth to you, but remember the same amount of money can get you up to a 1,500 point army in a new faction.

You get the special edition codex from above, along with a more practical mini-codex. That may be the best part of the bundle right there, and I remember people buying Dark Vengeance back in 7th just to get the mini-rule book. It also saves you from getting your precious collectors book dirty!

You get a huge amount of extra artwork, which is going to be the main selling point if you're interested in this bundle.

There is even a victory and command point tracker, but it looks to be made of cardboard. Don't let that tip this box set in your favour... you can get cardboard disc spinners in X-Wing Miniatures for much cheaper.

There's a huge amount revealed today, so I'm going to have to leave it there. I'll be back later with a review/analysis of some of the new model reveals. I think I'm going to have to leave the Space Marine Police Force bounty hunter picture until Monday at this rate!

Until next time!

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