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Walker in Progress: Mu'Gulath Bay Riptide

I've been rammed with work on my third job (teacher, blogger and now scarf retailer... click the middle picture between Wayland Games and Element games), so I only really have time to post up this work in progress.

mugulath bay mu'gulath bay riptide tau t'au
Dual guns... this is the fun you can have with magnets
There isn't actually a coour scheme for the T'au of Mu'gulath Bay. The artists and writers did a great job showing the T'au and Vior'la defenders, and eventually Farsight and his crimson horde, but no one shows the sept they were defending. Or at least if that's the case, I haven't seen it.

The most I have to go on is this:

mugulath bay mu'gulath bay riptide tau t'au
From the 7th Edition codex

This just shows a blue sept badge. I've taken this blue and contrasted it with the the standard T'au ochre, to show their transitional move from colony to fully fledged sept. Well, before it got firebombed back to nothing.

The cadre I'm collecting lacked any real character before, but now I've reformed them into the remnants of Mu'Gulath Bay... out for revenge, and to rebuild their home from the inferno!

Guess which side I'll be on in the Fate of Konor campaign tomorrow...

I'm not really excited about the colour scheme yet, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

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