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School League 2018

It's the end of term coming up fast for most teachers, and of course teachers are already preparing for next term. Holidays are things that happen to other people I'm afraid (case in point: two thirds of my department are in school right now tapping away at emails and admin... and we finished over a week ago).

But, there is a little bit of joy to be had for us nerdy teachers, as the School League email for next year has just come up!

For those that don't know, the School League is the tournament for schools (duh) in the UK. It's a nationwide competition, with heats and semi-finals taking place in local shops, and the final being held at Warhammer World in Nottingham! The points limits are usually small to get students to game early, and it's a really good way for the nerds of the UK to get to play in team sports.


warhammer 40K age of sigmar school league 2018
Super excited for next year!

The calendar is up, and it's been tweaked a bit to allow for us to have more access to the shops for the heats.

warhammer 40K age of sigmar school league 2018

And finally the points limits for the upcoming tourney:

Yup, new edition 40K and new General Handbook AoS

Although the points are up from last year, they're actually a little bit tighter for exciting things in 8th Edition. My all suit Tau army is now completely undone by 8th Edition, even with the more flexible force organisation charts.

But more on that later... just pencil in the dates for now, as we're awaiting the full rules details for the League next term.

Until next time!

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